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59,90 €

Marca: PINOSO«S,
Tacón: PLANO,
Color: NEGRO,
Material: PIEL.

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Do you want to buy Manoletina Trevilla Negro?

If what you are looking for is Manoletina Trevilla Negro, at Zapatosparatodos we have the solution. In our online shop you will be able to enjoy excellent footwear. Make the most of the Pinoso's brand and take this model which matches your needs perfectly.

Leather material, take home, not just an original shoe, but also a touch of distinction. With a firm sole to adapt to your step, with the comfort you are looking for, and with a style that will adapt perfectly to your outfits; this model from the brand Pinoso's, offers you a style which adapts to your personal looks and style. Give a touch of personality and strength to your creativity.

But not only that: the model Manoletina Trevilla Negro of man from the brand Pinoso's, gives us a different and current outfit. With which gives us the specified height, and with its color negro, it becomes a basic shoes for this season. Turn it into a Must Have of the season, and let yourself be seduced by this Manoletina Trevilla Negro from the brand Pinoso's. What are you waiting for to take it home?

If you have any doubts about which size you need to pick, you can resolve them here: size guide

How to look after and keep looking brand new: Manoletina Trevilla Negro?

  • Be careful leaving your Manoletina Trevilla Negro near to heat since it can be detrimental and damage the leather .
  • Never use bleach or products with high acid loads with your Manoletina Trevilla Negro. They attack leather and cause a deterioration in the shoe.
  • After each use, it is recommended that you clean Manoletina Trevilla Negro, and remove any remnants of dirt.
  • Don't leave your Manoletina Trevilla Negro near to a source of heat or cold (such as air conditioning or radiators).
  • Gently tap the soles of your footwear to get rid of dirt and residues.
  • To clean the soles, we recommend scrubbing them with a dry brush to remove the dirt. Similarly, the soles can be immersed in water and use soap with a brush.
  • Storing the shoes directly with dust, dirt or other residues, can mean that your leather deteriorates over time.
  • Don't expose your Manoletina Trevilla Negro to cold places, or hot places. The materials end up deteriorating over time if they are exposed to this.

However, if you want to find out about Salvador Artesano footwear cleaning products, go to this section: footwear cleaning products

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  • Numer of Reviews : 2
  • Avarage Grade : 4.5 /5
  •  The 09/09/2018
  • 5/5
Estupendos zapatos mocasines. Muy cómodos pero fuertes y resistentes. Muy bien cosidos, buena piel y suela para mucho trote. Repetimos con talla superior
  • M. Licinio José
  •  The 23/12/2014
  • 4/5

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Marca: PINOSO«S,
Tacón: PLANO,
Color: NEGRO,
Material: PIEL.